EconS 301 – Intermediate Microeconomic Theory, Fall 2022


Introduction (August 23rd)

Preferences and Utility (August 25th-August 30th)

Consumer Choice (September 1st – 13th)

Substitution and Income effect (September 13th -September 20th)

Recitation – Friday Sept. 23rd (Answer Key)

Measuring Welfare Changes (September 20th – September 27th)

Production Functions (October 4th – October 6th)

Cost Minimization (October 11th – October 13th)

Monopoly (October 18th – October 20th)

Game Theory: Simultaneous-Move Games (October 25th – October 27th)

Recitation – Friday Oct. 28th (Answer Key)

Game Theory: Sequential and Repeated Games (October 27th – November 1st)

Imperfect Competition (November 1st – November 10th)

Externalities and Public Goods (November 15th – December 1st)

Recitation – Friday December 2nd (Answer Key)




  • Midterm #1 – Thursday, September 29th [Recitation: Friday, September 23rd]
  • Midterm #2 – Due on November 8th [Recitation: Friday, October 28th] Answer Key
  • Final Exam: Tuesday, December 13th [Recitation: December 2nd]
  • Recitations will be from 11:10am-12pm in Hulbert 27 and 12:10-1pm in TODD 226.

Game Theory

Prisoner’s Dilemma


Split or Steal

The Chicken Game

Penalty Kick



Tragedy of the Commons