EconS 582 – Environmental Economics, Spring 2020



How to Design a Research Project
Structure of the Report
Evaluation Sheet for Oral Presentation
List of Papers – Presentations
Research Paper
Giving talks

Homework #1 [ January 30th]

Homework #2 [February 13th]
Homework #3  [March 6th]
Homework #4  [April 10th]


Introduction [January 7th]
Efficiency and Markets [January 7th]
Simple Externalities Examples [January 9th]
Externalities (MWG) [January 9th]
The Problem of Social Cost, R. Coase (1960) [January 14th]
Discussion – Coase (1960) [January 14th]
A Solution to the Problem of Externalities When Agents Are Well-Informed [January 16th]
Varian’s Paper 1994 [January 16th]
Public Goods: A survey of Experimental Research [January 23rd]
Game Theory for Playing Games: Sophistication in a negative-externality experiment [January 23rd]
Individual Decision Making in a Negative Externality Experiment
Discussion – Spraggon and Oxoby (2009) [January 23rd]
Chapter 6 Kolstad – Property Rights [January 28th]
Information and the Coase Theorem. Farrell (1987) [January 28th]
Variance – Farrell
Case Study: How climate change is increasing forest fires around the world [January 30th]
Chapter 7 Kolstad – Pigovian Fees [January 30th]
Xepapadeas (1991)Environmental policy under imperfect information [February 4th]
Segerson (1988)Uncertainty and incentives for nonpoint pollution control [February 6th] Case Study
CH 8 and CH 9 Kolstad – Environmental Policy
Oates et al. (1989)The net benefits of incentive based regulation
Kolstad et al. (1990)Substitutes or complements [February 11th]
Case Study: Judge’s Ruling on Gulf Oil Spill Lowers Ceiling on the Fine BP Is Facing [February 11th]
Weitzman (1974)Prices vs Quantities [February 13th]
R.Stavins (1996)Correlated Uncertainty and Policy Instrument Choice
Roberts et al. (1976)Effluent charges and licenses under uncertainty
Kwerel (1977)To tell the Truth
Smolensky et al (1968) – The Prisoner’s Dilemma and Ghetto Expansion
Barret (1999)International Cooperation and the International Commons
Case Study: The Aarhus Convention
Ulph (1996)Environmental Policy and International Trade when Governments and Producers Act Strategically [March 27th]
Kennedy (1994)Equilibrium Pollution Taxes in Open Economies with Imperfect Competition [April 1st]
Case Study: Environmental Effects of International Trade [April 1st]
Apesteguia, J. (2006) Does Information Matter in the Commons? Experimental Evidence, PDF – Presentation
Case Study: Ground Water Basin Management
Mason, C. and S. Polasky (1994)- Entry deterrence in the commons, PDF – Presentation
Espinola-Arredondo and Munoz-Garcia (2010)- Can Incomplete Information Lead to Under-exploitation in the Commons?, PDF – Presentation

Students’ Presentations:

  • February 27th: Timur Dincer “Espinola-Arredondo et al. 2018. Information Transmission During the Trial: The Role of Punitive Damages and Legal Costs. Journal of Public Economic Theory, 20(2), pp. 136-155”
  • March 4th: Jikhan Jeong “Cicala, Steve. 2015. When Does Regulation Distort Costs? Lessons from Fuel Procurement in US Electricity Generation. American Economic Review, 105(1): 411-44”
  • March 6th: Botir Okhunjanov “Barrett, S. 1994. Self-enforcing international environmental agreements. Oxford Economic Papers, 46: 878–894.”
  • March 18th: Tiana Randriamaro “Gallagher, K and E. Muehlegge. 2011. Giving green to get green? Incentives and consumer adoption of hybrid vehicle technology. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 61(1): 1–15”
  • March 20th: Golam Shakil “Espinola-Arredondo, A. and H. Zhao. 2012. Environmental Policy in a Linear City Model of Product Differentiation. Environment and Development Economics, 17(4): 461-477″

Students’ Final Presentations:

  • April 15th: Timur Dincer, “Litigation Trials With Jury As a Compensation Mechanism And Evaluation Of Legal Costs”
  • April 17th: Tiana Randriamaro, “Consumer choice under attention constraint: a theory and an empirical analysis of willingness-to-pay”
  • April 22nd: Golam Shakil, “Uniform and discriminatory environmental policies in a linear city model of price discrimination”
  • April 24th: Botir Okhunjanov, “Sustainable Management of Water Resources in Central Asia”
  • April 26th (9am): Jikhan Jeong, “The effect of Increasing Block Pricing structure change on the environmental damage”