EconS 582 – Environmental Economics, Spring 2019



How to Design a Research Project
Structure of the Report
Evaluation Sheet for Oral Presentation
List of Papers – Presentations
Research Paper
Giving talks

Homework #1 [ January 30th]

Homework #2 [February 13th]
Homework #3  [March 6th]
Homework #4  [April 8th]


Introduction [January 7th]
Efficiency and Markets [January 7th]
Simple Externalities Examples [January 9th]
Externalities (MWG) [January 9th]
The Problem of Social Cost, R. Coase (1960) [January 14th]
Discussion – Coase (1960) [January 14th]
A Solution to the Problem of Externalities When Agents Are Well-Informed [January 16th]
Varian’s Paper 1994 [January 16th]
Public Goods: A survey of Experimental Research [January 23rd]
Game Theory for Playing Games: Sophistication in a negative-externality experiment [January 23rd]
Individual Decision Making in a Negative Externality Experiment
Discussion – Spraggon and Oxoby (2009) [January 23rd]
Chapter 6 Kolstad – Property Rights [January 28th]
Information and the Coase Theorem. Farrell (1987) [January 28th]
Variance – Farrell
Case Study: How climate change is increasing forest fires around the world [January 30th]
Chapter 7 Kolstad – Pigovian Fees [January 30th]
Xepapadeas (1991)Environmental policy under imperfect information
Segerson (1988)Uncertainty and incentives for nonpoint pollution control
CH 8 and CH 9 Kolstad – Environmental Policy
Oates et al. (1989)The net benefits of incentive based regulation
Kolstad et al. (1990)Substitutes or complements
Case Study: Judge’s Ruling on Gulf Oil Spill Lowers Ceiling on the Fine BP Is Facing
Weitzman (1974)Prices vs Quantities
R.Stavins (1996)Correlated Uncertainty and Policy Instrument Choice
Roberts et al. (1976)Effluent charges and licenses under uncertainty
Kwerel (1977)To tell the Truth
Smolensky et al (1968) – The Prisoner’s Dilemma and Ghetto Expansion
Barret (1999)International Cooperation and the International Commons
Case Study: The Aarhus Convention
Ulph (1996)Environmental Policy and International Trade when Governments and Producers Act Strategically
Kennedy (1994)Equilibrium Pollution Taxes in Open Economies with Imperfect Competition
Case Study: Environmental Effects of International Trade
Apesteguia, J. (2006) Does Information Matter in the Commons? Experimental Evidence, PDF – Presentation
Case Study: Ground Water Basin Management
Mason, C. and S. Polasky (1994)- Entry deterrence in the commons, PDF – Presentation
Espinola-Arredondo and Munoz-Garcia (2010)- Can Incomplete Information Lead to Under-exploitation in the Commons?, PDF – Presentation

Students’ Presentations:

  • February 27th
  • March 4th
  • March 6th
  • March 18th
  • March 20th

Students’ Final Presentations:

  • April 15th
  • April 17th
  • April 22nd
  • April 24th
  • April 29th