Game Theory -Universitat de Barcelona [January 2023]

Meeting Time: Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:00am-12:00pm (aula 1030, Edificio 690).

Introduction (week 1)

Dominance Solvable Games (week 1)

Rationalizability and Nash Equilibrium (week 1)

Example (week 1)

Nash Equilibrium with Continuous Action Spaces (week 1-2)

Nash equilibrium with N players

Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibrium (week 2)

Subgame Perfect Equilibrium (week 2)


Example SPE (week 2)

Repeated Games (week 2)

Bayesian Nash Equilibrium (week 2)

Signaling Games (week 2)

Friend or Foe?

Steal or Split?
The Cuban Missile Crisis
Entry Game
Mac was introduced in a
60-second commercial during the 1984 Super Bowl.
The Tragedy of the Commons
Price-Matching Guarantee
Tosca Game
Bug’s life vs Antz
Game theory