EconS 424 – Game Theory

Zoom Meetings are scheduled in Blackboard (click on “Tools”).

Meeting Time: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 11.10am PT.

Syllabus Spring 2021

Introduction (week 1)

Dominance Solvable Games (week 2)

Rationalizability and Nash Equilibrium (week 3)

Example (week 3)

Nash equilibrium with N players (week 4)

Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibrium (week 5)

Mixed Strategy Nash Equilibrium with N players (week 6)

Subgame Perfect Equilibrium (week 7)

Example SPE (week 7)

Strategic Pre-Commitment (week 8-9)

Bargaining Games (week 10)

Repeated Games (week 11-12)

Bayesian Nash Equilibrium (week 13-15)

Homework #1 (February 5th)
Homework #2 (February 26th)
Homework #3 (March 12th)
Homework #4 (April 2nd)
Homework #5 (April 23rd)