EconS 501 – Microeconomic Theory I, Fall 2020

Zoom Meetings are scheduled in Blackboard (click on “Tools”).

Meeting Time: Mondays and Wednesdays at 9.10am PT.


Preference Relation and Consumer Choice (Weeks 1 and 2)

Demand Theory (Weeks 2 – 5)

Demand Theory II (Weeks 2-5)

Production (Week 6-8)

Choice under Uncertainty (Weeks 9 and 10)

Competitive Markets (Week 11)

Externalities and Public Goods (Weeks 12 – 14)

Monopoly (Weeks 16 – 17)

Assignments and Exams Dates, Fall 2020:

Homework 1September 2ndSolution
Homework 2September 14thSolution
Homework 3September 21stSolution
Homework 4September 28thSolution
Homework 5October 5thSolution
Homework 6October 12thSolution
Homework 7October 28thSolution
Homework 8November 11thSolution
Homework 9December 7thSolution
Midterm #1October 12thSolution
Midterm #2November 18thSolution
Final ExamDecember 14th Solution

Recitation Dates (Fridays), Fall 2020:

Recitation 1SolutionAugust 28th
Recitation 2SolutionSeptember 4th
Recitation 3SolutionSeptember 11th
Recitation 4SolutionSeptember 18th
Recitation 5SolutionSeptember 25th
Recitation 6SolutionOctober 2nd
Recitation 7Solution October 9th
Recitation 8SolutionOctober 23rd
Recitation 9Solution October 30th
Recitation 10SolutionNovember 6th
Recitation 11SolutionNovember 13th