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Intermediate Microeconomic Theory: Tools and Step-by-Step Examples, with Ana Espinola-Arredondo, MIT Press, Forthcoming October 2020.

A short, rigorous introduction to intermediate microeconomic theory that offers worked-out examples, tools for solving exercises, and algebra support.

This book takes a concise, example-filled approach to intermediate microeconomic theory, focusing on worked-out examples and step-by-step solutions. Each chapter presents theoretical models and then offers several examples and applications. The book provides step-by-step tools for solving standard exercises, offering students a common approach for solving similar problems. The book walks readers through algebra steps and calculations, so only a basic background in algebra and calculus is assumed. The book includes 140 self-assessment exercises, giving students an opportunity to apply concepts from previous worked-out examples.

Ancillary materials for instructors: 

  • Solutions Manual, with detailed answer keys to all self-assessment exercises and all end-of-chapter exercises (481 exercises in total).
  • PowerPoint slides of all chapters, which should facilitate teaching preparation for instructors teaching the class.

Instructors interested in the title can visit the MIT Press website to request copies:  Link

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Practice Exercises for Intermediate Microeconomic Theory, with Ana Espinola-Arredondo, Eric Dunaway, and John Strandholm,  MIT Press, Forthcoming October 2020.

Detailed answer keys to all 140 self-assessment exercises and solutions to the 173 odd-numbered end-of-chapter exercises in Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (313 exercises with answer keys in total).

It provides readable step-by-step explanations and algebra support, enabling students to approach similar exercises on their own, emphasizing the economic intuition behind mathematical results.

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WSPC Reference on Natural Resources and Environmental Policy in the Era of Global Change  (Volume dedicated to Game Theory)

The set focuses on the economic and strategic aspects of interactions among various parts of society, all dependent on the utilization of limited natural resources and their impact on the environment. Policy implications are addressed, including current challenges and future perspectives.

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